I'm an NSF funded post-doctoral researcher in UC San Diego's Biology Department (Ecology, Behavior & Evolution), working with Dr. Diana Rennison.


I believe in the power of using evolutionary biology (e.g., via genomics, testing of evolutionary theories) to help us best protect the earth's biodiversity. As such, I don't view conservation as the preservation of static spaces or species; but instead, as evolving populations we need to bolster so that they may outlive our efforts.

Broadly, my research program examines the maintenance and origins of biodiversity, across vertebrate systems. To address this, I work with both threatened at-risk species (such as sifakas in Madagascar), and non-threatened model organisms (i.e., threespine stickleback) to test theories & better protect at-risk species.

Protanope Simulation of 06770007 2002_14

E-mail me at: etapanes (at) ucsd (dot) edu