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I'm a biologist (& proud Cubana!) whose passionate about protecting the earth's natural resources--such as wildlife, forests, oceans, and streams.


I think of research and data as powerful tools to advance our knowledge on topics that can inform policy or aid in applied conservation. Most of my work thus far has focused on characterizing the maintenance and origins of biodiversity. To this end, I leverage genomics, ecology, morphology, and bioinformatics.

I have worked with both threatened species (i.e., sifakas), and non-threatened model organisms (i.e., threespine stickleback) to test theories, make predictions, & to ultimately robustly protect at-risk populations and the ecosystems they live in.

Currently, I'm an NSF postdoctoral fellow at the University of California San Diego's Biology Department. To know more about my past work, please head to current research and publications.

Protanope Simulation of 06770007 2002_14

E-mail me at: etapanes (at) ucsd (dot) edu

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